Community News


14 February 2019 OH SNAP! It’s the height of summer and the fauna and flora around the Estate is nothing short of spectacular. … READ MORE

New Community Management Solution at Kindlewood Estate

29 August 2017 In a gated community estate such as Kindlewood Estate, visitor and supplier access control has always been paramount to the… READ MORE

Spring Family Fun Run

24 September 2016 With spring officially sprung, what better way to celebrate a glorious sunny Heritage Day than with the Kindlewood Estate Family… READ MORE

Top Tips for Staying Cool with Kindlewood

5 February 2019 With soaring temperatures and summer humidity in Durban, it’s important to keep your children and pets in mind when it… READ MORE

Development at Kindlewood Estate

25 July 2017 From his first visit to Kindlewood Estate in 2008, Geoff Perkins of the Collins Group tells us how the estate… READ MORE

Kindlewood Estate Chalkboards

10 August 2016 Beautiful new chalkboards have been installed at Gate 1 and Gate 2 which will be utilized as visually rich notice… READ MORE

Snakes Alive!

24 November 2017 As we all know, the Durban summer months bring high humidity and heavy rainfall.  Coupled with the beautiful, natural environment… READ MORE

Kindlewood Magazine – Edition 2  

26 May 2017 We have loved working on the winter issue of our Kindlewood Estate magazine.  Read about some of our fabulous residents… READ MORE

Kindlewood Estate Doubles Tennis Tournament

10 July 2016 What better way to get into the spirit of the Wimbledon Men’s final this year than to host the Kindlewood… READ MORE