New Community Management Solution at Kindlewood Estate

29 August 2017

In a gated community estate such as Kindlewood Estate, visitor and supplier access control has always been paramount to the safety and security of the residents.

When the Kindlewood Management Association decided to look into updating and automating their access control system, ‘Honeycomb’ by Redefine Software was the obvious choice.  Not only did it offer the easy, automated access system they were looking for, but also a residential estate management solution that could grow and evolve with the estate.  Everything that Honeycomb can offer means it is essentially a single source of information for the Management Association and residents – one system that can control all departments.

Estate Security, Visitor and Supplier Access Control

The visitor and supplier access control system means that access into Kindlewood Estate Gate 1 or Gate 2 is controlled via a unique code generated on the system which is sent to the person requiring access.  Each code generated must be used for entrance before midnight of the day generated otherwise it expires.  Once used, the code remains valid for 72 hours.  The security guard on duty will also capture other visitor information into the system such as the number of passengers in the vehicle.  If there are any discrepancies on exit, the owner/tenant is immediately notified automatically by the system and should there be an issue, the owner/tenant is able to follow up and rectify.  Guest lists can also be created to avoid requesting numerous codes.

The guard login functionality on this system means accurate record keeping and trace-ability, not just with visitors and suppliers, but also with any security incidents.  Easily retrievable details can show the type of incident, who dealt with it, details of the incident, who closed the incident and the time taken to deal with the issues.

This work horse of a system will allow a tighter control of who goes in and out of the gates, thus manual access control registers will become obsolete. 

Estate Management

Honeycomb also offers an estate management facility.  Details of each site will be entered into this system including history of owners, tenant details, staff details, incident records and contractor details among many others and can be accessed quickly from one central place.

Intranet for Residents

Kindlewood Estate boasts a very enjoyable community lifestyle and Honeycomb offers a full Community Management System that will manage the estate communication functions.  Space can be offered for classified ads, facility bookings can be made for the Community Centre, Tennis Courts etc, newsletters and notification of events can easily and effectively be communicated and advertising space offered can generate revenue.  Bulk communications via sms or email can be managed and member groups can be created similar to closed Facebook groups or Whatsapp chats.

With a cellphone app currently being developed, there is is no doubt that the Honeycomb system is one of the top Community Management Solutions in the country and we are excited to be able to offer this first class system to our residents.


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