The Indigenous Fauna and Flora of Kindlewood’s Wetland Areas

4 April 2017

Kindlewood Estate Aloe Plant

Through our passion for South Africa’s native plants, Kindlewood Estate is able to garden sustainably, and support biodiversity.

Nurturing our native plants is vital to preserving the delicate ecosystems of Kindlewood Estate, and its surrounding areas. Sadly, in South Africa, these beloved local plants are slowly being lost to alien ones. Due to their invasive nature, these alien plants can effortlessly displace indigenous ones.

We called on the greenthumbs of the Kindlewood wetland areas, Green Earth Landscaping to explain why native plants are so vital to ensuring the eco-friendly nature of Kindlewood Estate. “Indigenous plants provide food and shelter for native animals,” Kate Johnson, Operations Director of Green Earth Landscaping tell us. “They form the foundation of our ecosystem and protect biodiversity.” Losing a native plant may mean no food for a native insect, the prey of the native bird.

To protect these delicate ecosystems, Kindlewood Estate and Green Earth Landscaping work hard to maintain a 70/30 ratio between indigenous and exotic plants. Kate adds that, “Indigenous plants adapt much easier to our environmental conditions requiring less water and maintenance”. This means that Kindlewood Estate’s planting guidelines help to save water too! Sustainability at its best.

We walked along the meandering lawns as Kate took us on a tour of her favourite indigenous plants on Kindlewood Estate. “My favourite trees on the estate are the Mitzeeri, Bos-Kamhout and Wild Plum trees, to name a few.” “Key for me are also the Natal Plum and Cape Plumbago plants.” Looking at the deep green leaves of the Natal Plum and the blue phlox-like flowers of the Cape Plumbago, we couldn’t agreed more. Lastly, “The Bush Violets, Agapanthuses, and the Peacock flowers.”

Want to help protect the biodiversity of South Africa?
Do your homework on native plants.
Start slow and make it your ultimate goal to achieve a 70-30 native to alien ratio.
Call on someone to help you out. Green Earth Landscaping can assist you with all your gardening needs!

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