Positively Locked Down

20 April 2020

Photo by Abhiram Prakash

With the world turned completely upside down from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had no choice but to embrace a whole new way of living.  For some, it has been a relatively easy transition.  For others, it has been physically and mentally challenging. But it’s not all doom and gloom.  There are plenty of positives we can take from all of this.

Community Cares

There are some frightening statistics showing the number of homeless, poverty stricken and those in danger during lockdown.  But what the pandemic has done is bring out the humanity in us.  From donating towards food collections to a fund raising ‘Comrades’ run in the garden, more people than ever have jumped in to help those less fortunate.  Then let’s not forget how businesses and individuals have stood in solidarity to support and honour each and every one of those working in the essential service industries for the selfless work they do to keep us safe.  There are too many to mention but know that we appreciate you 💚

Call and Connect

Staying in touch with friends and family is now easier than ever as technology has enabled us to do this easily and more often – and it’s not just about chatting to loved ones.  It’s about checking up on an elderly neighbour or a friend who suffers from depression.  Some ISPs have increased fibre speed at no extra charge to their customers for quick, easy connection although sometimes, it’s the simpliest connections that matter.  We heard a heartwarming story of a lady who would look out to her elderly neighbour’s window every night at 8pm.  The neighbour would flash her torch at the window to show that everything was OK and she would flash her torch back.  How cute is that!

Home Life

With the fast pace of life pre lockdown, quality family time was often overlooked.  Now, cooking and household chores have become a family affair with everyone digging in to help.  Games and puzzle time have been welcomed to fill in the quiet times and tents have even been set up in gardens to re-enact holidays that have had to be cancelled. Lockdown has forced us to slow down and maybe start some new family traditions or hobbies.

Mind, Body, Soul

We all know that keeping fit is good for the body and mind and we all panicked when we heard we couldn’t exercise out of our homes during lockdown, especially with all the family meals and baking we’ve been enjoying.  Quick as a flash, exciting, fun exercise programmes have flooded social media and shown us how to stay physically and mentally fit with limited space and equipment.  From the daily workouts with JeffTogether to PE for kids with JoeWicks, there is suddenly no excuse.  Someone even pointed out that an hour workout is only 4% of your day!

Disaster Creates Opportunities

With a reduced or no income, people have, in the true South African entrepreneural spirit, grabbed the opportunity to create new income for themselves .  From making and supplying home sewn cotton masks to taking a traditional brick and motar retail store online, we are adapting and possibly permanently changing the way we live.  No alcohol? No problem.  Although we wouldn’t personally recommend it, some folks have taken to making their own home brew.  Best case under the circumstances, you could end up with a palatable beverage and awful hangover.  Worst case, you could set your garage on fire.  If that’s not for you then the time in lockdown is the perfect opportunity to detox.

Sure we all miss our friends and family gatherings.  Sure we miss our freedom and long walks, but the pandemic has forced us to care more about people, care for the environment, care for ourselves.

We certainly miss everyone out and about around the estate but we look forward to welcoming you back soon. Stay safe!

‘When everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear.’

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