Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village Opens its Doors

20 May 2019

The much-anticipated Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village, located within Kindlewood Estate, is now open. With its spacious rooms and modern furnishings, it’s no wonder 80% of Phase 1A has already been sold. But apart from its central location, its beautiful landscape and its high safety and security, what really makes the retirement village stand out from the rest is its world-class Care Centre. Having teamed up with Total Care – an organisation that already has footprints all over the rest of South Africa – Collins Residential has designed a Care Centre that will constantly meet the needs of the individual.


Because Kindlewood and Mount Edgecombe are multi-generational estates, the retirement village and Care Centre offer four tiers to cater for a range of ages. Tier 1, for example, is the 55+ fit and healthy category and those who probably won’t need to make use of the Care Centre. For those tiers that would require assistance, staff can be called to the comfort of your own home, allowing you to retain your comfort and independence. Note that you will only need to pay for the Care Centre when you need it. The rooms themselves also range from one-bedroom, single garage units to three-bedroom, double garage units.


It’s the differentiated offering and the range of lifestyle that drove MERV to be voted one of the five top retirement offerings in the country, with the Care Centre playing a big part of that feat. The centre cost approximately R100,000,000 to build and boasts a fully functional library, hair salon, reception room, dining room, doctors’ rooms and café!


Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village is the perfect home for those who are smart about their future. It’s a place where you could happily spend 40+ years, easily adjusting as you grow older, and having all the care should you require it. You could even secure a placement before retirement and rent it out until you feel it’s time to move, creating a long term investment! If you’re presently looking out for your parents or grandparents for a place that will cater to their every need and is also a pleasure to visit, then this is the retirement village for them. With three more phases to commence, MERV is saying it’s always better to plan ahead.


Collins Residential, as the developer, truly cares and wants to make a difference in people’s lives by offering these services and facilities in this unique market space. It’s not just another development, but rather a personal offering through real life situations, ensuring each future resident at Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village and their individual lifestyle is considered.

Words by Candice Buckle

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