Kindlewood Community

1 August 2019

Kindlewood Community

We often hear adults reminiscing about when they were kids. When they could safely play in the streets outside for hours and only making their way home when they were hungry. Or jumping onto their bikes to cycle to the nearby shop with money jangling in their pocket for a Chappie or two. We would all love our kids to have that safe, carefree lifestyle that many of us enjoyed.

When you live in the family friendly Kindlewood Estate, your safety is one of our top priorities with state of the art security in place. However, it’s not just a safe place for people to live. Within the secure fencing, there is a community lifestyle for the whole family to enjoy.

Kids at play
Having likeminded families living on the estate and many child-friendly amenities available promotes a mindfulness with the residents, making everyone more cautious about the safety of the children. Fun jungle gyms and swimming pools, cricket nets and multi-functional paths that meander through the wetlands are really geared towards spending quality free time in the great Durban weather. Wanting to visit a friend to play means hopping onto your bike and cycling round there, not having to rely on your parents to drop you off and pick you up later.

Living in the estate also encourages the residents to be more involved in their own local community. We make it easy for the residents to get to know their neighbours with fun organised events throughout the year such as a ladies tea or family fun day with games and market style stalls or the ever popular outdoor movie night which takes place on the sports field. Getting to know your neighbours becomes effortless and spending some fun down time with new friends is easy without having to go very far.

Did you know that we also offer a transport service for your domestic staff to assist them with getting to the estate and back with several convenient stop zones. No more worrying about them walking in inclement (or steaming Durban) weather or in the dark winter mornings.

We also understand that pets are an important part of the community so don’t worry that you have to leave your fur kids behind. We welcome them too.

And we haven’t forgotten about the grandparents either with the Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village nestled within the Kindlewood landscapes. Boasting a state of the art Care Centre, Assisted Living and Frail Care facilities, they can enjoy their independence but also have peace of mind that we are looking after them and that you are also close by.

Whether you wish to live in a close-knit community or long for contentment knowing your family is safe, a gated community offers a lifestyle for the whole family. With excellent security features, an array of amenities and beautifully landscaped public spaces, the Kindlewood community has a charm like no other for the whole family to enjoy.

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